Child's Adult Height Prediction

Based on One-year Old Height

To use the height calculator, you must know the adult height of each biological parent, the height (or length) of the child on his or her first birthday, and the child's gender. Enter each of those criteria in the form below, and click "Submit" to see the predicted adult height of the child.
Units: Inches Centimeters     

Child's height/length at one year (inches):
Father's adult height (in inches):
Mother's adult height (in inches):

Child's gender:
  • Boy
  • Girl

To see the prediction, fill in ALL data above.

NOTE: Sleeping habits, diet, nutrition, exercise, habits, and environmental conditions may each play a role in the final adult height of an individual. Those factors, however, usually have far less influence than inherited genes. THE ACCURACY OF THIS CALCULATION IS NOT GUARANTEED.

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