(The following translation into Spanish by Erik Mundall of the song "Not My Will," whose source was unknown, was made on February 8, 1996. To preserve the translation and make it available for others, it is now being posted here, over 15 years later.)

Not My Will

Verse 1

When Jesus Christ my Savior prepared for Calvary's hill

He went into the garden and He sought His Father's will

I read about His anguish and feel His sorrow there

I see Him humbly kneeling and listen to His prayer.

Verse 2

My Lord became a servant, a Man of lowly birth

He laid aside His glory to dwell with sons of earth

But now He is exalted, let every tongue proclaim

And someday all shall praise Him and magnify His name.

Verse 3

Lord Jesus I surrender, my will shall be Thine own

I lay aside ambition and bow before Thy throne

I'll give myself for others as Thou didst die for me

Lord send me forth with power to live my life for Thee.


Not my will but Thine, Lord, lead me to Calvary

Make my life a living sacrifice, crucified for Thee.

Haz Tu Voluntad

Versículo 1

Cuando Cristo preparóse para-ir al Calvario

Se fue de noche-al jardín y a su Padre Él oró

Leo de su agonía y siento su dolor

Le veo arrodillándose y escucho a su oración.

Versículo 2

El nació de clase baja, se hizo un serviente

Dejó su gloria al lado morar con mi gente

Sin embargo ya se exalta, que todos le honren

Un día todo el mundo le cantará amén.

Versículo 3

Señor, a ti me rindo, sea mía tu voluntad

Dejo mis ambiciones bajo tu majestad

Me daré por los demás, moriste para mí

Dame, Señor, poder a ser testigo de ti.


Haz tu voluntad Dios, guíame al Calvario

Sacrifícote mi ser entero, crucificado.



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