Sea Scenes

Erik Mundall
Summer 1995

          Thank you Lord, for nature's beauty,
           Thank you for the wave-soaked beach
            Thank you for the songs of praise
          Your creatures sing as if 'twas duty
           The lessons, Lord, you try to teach
            In nature's sphere still amaze.

          The air is misty, a calm is in the breeze
          The bushes tremble, as wind sweeps o'er the seas
          Fog at dawn remains, obscuring early rays
          Yet joyful creatures, unite in songs of praise
          To these the sky's mood, remains of small account
          When the Lord's blessings, are far too great to count
          I wish everyone, could visualize these scenes
          'Tis more than beauty, that one through nature gleans
          God's wisdom immense, His never changing love 
          Through nature portrayed, speak life from above
          Though hurried our pace, as life's cares press around
          All nature speaks peace, through each motion and sound.

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