www.Mundall.com - POP3 Account


POP3 accounts allow you to access your email with a mail program such as Mozilla, Eudora and Outlook among others.   There is also a Webmail feature that you can access from any location by typing www.mundall.com/webmail .  This is also where you are able to change your email password.

To setup your email program

The login name that you should enter is  user%mundall.com  in some email programs user@mundall.com
when accessing webmail enter user@mundall.com and remember both your username and password are CASE sensitive.

The mail server is mail.mundall.com

For your outgoing smtp mail server, use the one provided by your local internet provider

Your email account is by default 10mb so that you can accept large files, but if you leave too much mail in your account, your quota might be changed.  Be sure to set your mail program to remove mail from the server.