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"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"
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Do I need chelation?

This easy-to-use calculator will help you find out. Please fill in the following information by clicking on the appropriate option under each of the alphabetically arranged categories. Each of these items is important to obtaining an accurate assessment score, so carefully answer each one. If you do not know of any difficulty or problem in an area, select the first item in its list.

DISCLAIMER: The results from this calculation can never substitute for a physician's evaluation. While this calculator has been designed by a physician, it is meant only for use as a preliminary self-assessment educational tool. Individual needs and circumstances vary widely, and laboratory tests are required for more accurate analysis. If you wish to have testing done of a hair sample for minerals, urine for minerals or protein, or blood samples for cholesterol or creatinine levels, Doctor Mundall will be happy to help you get the information you desire.

No problems with memory
Mild problems with memory
Forgetting important matters
Can't remember familiar things or people

No chest pain ever
Pain with marked exertion; walk 1/2 mile
Pain with moderate exertion; walk 4 blocks
Pain with mild exertion; walk 1 block

No significant joint problems
Mild joint pains; taking supplements
Moderate pain; need aspirin or Advil
Severe pain; taking prescription medications

  Cold feet
Feet feel fine, even when it's cold
Feet cool; uncomfortable in cold weather
Feet are cold most of the time
Feet are cold all of the time

No dizziness
Occasional mild dizzy spell
Frequent spells of dizziness
Feel dizzy all the time

  Elevated blood creatinine
Creatinine normal (less than 1.5)
Creatinine between 1.6 and 2.0
Creatinine between 2.1 and 2.5
Creatinine greater than 2.5

  Family history of Alzheimer's
No family history
One relative with mild Alzheimer's
More than one relative with Alzheimer's
Several relatives; severe Alzheimer's

  Family history of heart disease
No heart problems
Some die before 70 years old
Significant family history; some die before 60
Severe; one or more die before age 50

  Family history of cancer
No significant problem with cancer
Some die before 70 years old
Significant family history; some die before 60
Severe; one or more die before age 50

  Fatigue, unexplained
No significant fatigue
Occasional unexplained fatigue
Frequent unexplained fatigue
Constant unexplained fatigue

  Hair: excess toxic minerals
Toxics OK. Score 0.0001 - 100
Toxin/nutrient score (T12/N5):   100 -   1,000
Toxin/nutrient score (T12/N5): 1,000 - 100,000
Toxin/nutrient score greater than 100,000

Never have headaches
Occasional moderately severe headaches
Frequent headaches
Nearly constant headaches, some severe

  Hearing loss
Hear too much
Problems hearing in a crowd
Moderate deafness; using hearing aid
Severe deafness with getting older

  High blood pressure
Normal blood pressure
Mild high blood pressure
Have to take medicine for blood pressure
Hard to control blood pressure, even with medicine

  High cholesterol
Cholesterol less than 200
Cholesterol (off meds) runs 200 - 220
Cholesterol (off meds) runs 220 - 250
Cholesterol (off meds) would be > 250

  History of heart attack
Never had a heart attack
Told I had a mild heart attack once
History of one or more heart attacks
At least one severe heart attack

  History of heart operation
Never had any heart surgery
Had angiography and/or stent once
Had bypass once
Had more than one heart surgery

  History of heart disease
No heart problems
Told I had a minor heart problem
Have had significant heart problems
Severe heart problems including surgery

  History of stroke
Never had a stroke
Some brief spells--TIA's
Had a mild stroke once
Had several minor or one significant stroke

  History of tobacco smoking
Never smoked
Smoked less than five years, over 20 years ago
Smoked 5 to 20 pack-years
Smoked more than 20 pack-years or still smoking

No fertility problem
Infertile after one year
Infertile more than two years
Infertile more than five years

  Irregular heart
Heart always regular
Occasional heart palpitation
Frequent problems with irregular heart
Severe arrhythmia; on medications

  Kidney damage
No sign of kidney problems
Trace amounts of blood/protein in urine
Moderate amounts of blood/protein in urine
Large amounts of blood/protein in urine

  Leg cramps at night
No leg cramps
Rare leg cramps at night
Occasional leg cramps at night
Frequent leg cramps at night

  Leg pain with exercise
No pain with exercise
Occasional leg pain with exercise
Frequent leg pain with exercise
Can't walk one block without leg pain

No osteoporosis
I was told I am at risk for osteoporosis
Test showed mild osteoporosis
Test showed severe osteoporosis

  Positive angiogram (heart cath)
Angiogram normal or never done
Angiogram showed mild narrowing
Angiogram showed moderate narrowing
Angiogram showed severe narrowing

  Positive treadmill test
Treadmill test normal or never done
Treadmill showed mild problems
Treadmill showed significant problems
Treadmill showed severe problems

Not worried about future health
I would like to lower my future risk
I need to decrease my health risk
I am determined to minimize my risk

  Protein in urine
No protein seen in urine test
Mild (1+) protein in urine
Moderate (2+) protein in urine
Marked (3-4+) protein in urine

  Urine: excess toxic minerals
No elevated toxic minerals
1-3 elements slightly elevated
At least one element with marked elevation
Several elements markedly elevated





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