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"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"
"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"
"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"


To avoid unnecessary delay an appointment is recommended. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the office and cancel as far in advance as possible.
If you are making an appointment for an initial consultation or "first visit" with Dr. Mundall, and the problem has existed for more than 6 months, be aware that part of the recommended testing will often involve taking a sample of hair for analysis. This test will not be as valid if the hair has had any color or perm solution applied within the preceding 3 months. Also be aware that Dr. Mundall usually prefers to address all your health issues during the first visit. Thus, this visit may last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours or more. If you wish to deal only briefly with a single problem, please make your preferences known at the beginning of your visit. If you do desire a more comprehensive approach, it is wise to plan accordingly, bringing any medical records in your possession and lists (or bottles) of all current prescription medications being taken and all nutrients or supplements being used.

Due to the fact that many of the patients being treated by Dr. Mundall are extremely sensitive to various chemicals including perfumes, pesticides, and solvents, your consideration is requested in avoiding or minimizing the use of any perfumes or other toiletries when you come to the office.

Please make calls about appointments, billing questions, and prescription refills during regular office hours. You may request a phone consultation with Dr. Mundall.
Be aware that there will usually be a charge for phone calls or for prescriptions which are called in when no office visit was made.

It is the policy of Connell Medical Center to expect payment in full at the time of service. If there is a special reason why this will not be possible, you should make arrangements with the receptionist prior to receiving treatment. If you have questions about the amount of charges to be expected, feel free to ask the receptionist for an estimate of the usual fees. Your cooperation with this policy helps to minimize the continuing rise in the cost of medical care, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness. A billing fee will be charged on all past due accounts.

The patient is directly responsible for his bill, regardless of the kind of insurance carried, including welfare or DSHS. Dr. Mundall is NOT a "Participating Provider" with Medicare or any private insurance company including MSC and BCBS. He is not affiliated with ANY HMO's, including Group Health. DSHS coupons are not accepted for any services. Noncovered services are the responsibility of the patient. If you have questions about other insurance plans, please discuss them with the bookkeeper. If for some reason you can't pay your bill on time, please tell our receptionist and we'll do our best to work out a payment plan with you. Unless other arrangements are made, we turn over our unpaid accounts to a collection agency after seven months.

Good communication between you and your physician is vital. Please tell us about problems or questions you might have. If you don't understand an answer or if new problems arise, please let us know. We are anxious to provide you with the best medical care, and we need your cooperation to succeed. We look forward to serving you in a happy and healthy relationship.

Appointment [recommended] or walk-in:
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 8:00 - 5:00
Wednesday Closed
Friday 8:00 - 2:00

You may call the office phone number 24 hours a day. If the doctor is not available, an answering machine will notify you of this and take your message. Office visits after hours are by appointment only and include an additional charge.

To expedite your visit, you may download and fill out our patient history form before your arrival.

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