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"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"
"Where Patients Choose, and Diseases Lose!"



Inasmuch as the reproductive system is an integral part of the human body, it stands to reason that problems with reproduction would often be the consequence of problems with the overall functioning of the body. To put it another way, if your body is not as healthy as it should be, it will not be as efficient in the process of reproduction. Thus, while it is appropriate to look for mechanical problems in the reproductive tract, as is frequently done by the OB-GYN specialist, in many cases this will not reveal the source of the infertility problem. On the contrary, the majority of cases of infertility will be related to systemic disorders which impact the reproductive tract secondarily.

It is well recognized, for example, that individuals with thyroid disorders, those who are markedly overweight or underweight, or who have other severe health problems, frequently exhibit reduced fertility. In an endeavor to improve or optimize fertility, it becomes very important to address the health of the entire body.

Specific causes of infertility may include deficiencies of essential nutrients, toxins of various sorts, and immune system derangements.

Evaluation of one's nutritional status by various clinical tests can help identify the specific nutrients that are lacking. Assessment of tissue levels of elemental toxins can also be important. Any toxin or deficiency which contributes to biochemical imbalance and thus to systemic stress can reduce fertility. Dietary, lifestyle, environmental, and even emotional factors all play a role in one's fertility.

Immune system derangements are another important cause of impaired health. The metabolic burden imposed by inhalant and especially food allergies can, in and of itself, be the cause of infertility. Likewise, autoimmune disorders can be a major contributor to the stress burden and thus be the cause of infertility.

It is interesting to note that in support of these concepts certain natural therapies have been found to be significantly beneficial in improving fertility. These include various antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C, folic acid, zinc, and other specific nutrients. In addition, some herbal preparations such as licorice, don quai, ginseng, and pygeum have also been shown to be beneficial in some cases.

Dr. Mundall would be happy to assist you in your journey of assessing your current health status and exploring the means of achieving optimum wellness, not only to improve fertility, but also to enjoy optimum health for the rest of your life.

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